Results on a Small Budget

Tacatec Sniper
I just received the recently released catalog for a shoot I did a bit ago for Tacatec. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they are a fast-rising tactical gear company that is creating some of the best gear in the market. As you all know, the tactical look is getting big and this is one line that could make a big splash. They came to me through another client of mine as they knew I could get the results they needed on their tight budget. We shot both studio and on location for a week with a small but very hard working crew. It was really crazy setting the guys loose with the guns on the city streets. We sure got a lot of confused looks. The models were a great bunch of guys–some of them police officers, others ex-military and Navy Seals, even a ballerino. It was a difficult shoot at times–the windchill was down about 0°–but everyone braved the elements and we came away with some really nice shots.
Tactical Team at Night

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